Community Links: Bede’s Enables Primary Children to Launch “Mini Enterprise”


For the past 8 weeks, the Community Links group at Bede's have been working with a group of Year 4s from Park Mead Primary School.

The aim of the activity, which takes place every Thursday afternoon, is to teach entrepreneurial and business skills to the children which could hopefully benefit them in the future.

As the weeks passed, we organized sessions for the class and encouraged them to look at the activity with a business mind as well as using their imaginations!

Out target for our mini-enterprise has been the Christmas Fair, hosted by Bede's Prep School, where we will be selling pinecone decorations that the children have handmade in order to raise money for charity.


Cancer Research was the charity chosen by the children as it meant a great deal to a few of the students.

All of the children were very eager to get started on making the products. Glue guns were involved, and my stress levels did rise, however everyone completed their tasks without any injuries in the end!

Once a price was set and posters made, the group were almost ready to debut their business at the Christmas fair, which will be taking place on Saturday 29th November from 10.30am-1.30pm.

Our Community Links project for the term has been such a great experience, and it has been personally satisfying to be able to offer something unique to a younger generation and provide role models for them to look up to.


Each week we find ourselves not only helping to teach the children life skills but also learning from them.


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