Deis and Charleston: Fun and Games at Joint-House Indoor Garden Party


On Monday 11th of November at around 5pm the Deis and Charleston 'Recital Room Garden Party' kicked off.

Everyone arrived and the variety of activities were about to begin. We saw some top quality games such as musical chairs, Twister, the "Malteser and Straw" game and balloon volleyball.


Piers, Bryony and the prefects hosting the event organised a wonderful night and we were able to enjoy it regardless of the weather.

There was also an ice hockey table and a 'refreshments' table. The ice hockey table was good fun to play between the main activities and the 'refreshments' table was lots of chocolate, biscuits and crisps!

To start off the evening, we were split into small groups and Deis and Charleston went head to head to be crowned winner.


The variety of activities proved quite a challenge for our two houses. Everyone really enjoyed the evening; it was nice to see that everyone participated in all the activities and the enthusiasm was great!

It is now clear that the bond between Charleston and Deis has grown, which was superb as the purpose of this social was for both Houses to get together and have a good time. Many people went and noted that they thoroughly enjoyed it!

To end the night, we finished off with a piñata bash. The boys didn't take very long before their piñata was on the floor with sweets spilling out!


Thanks to everyone who helped out - it was an enjoyable evening and I would recommended everyone in Charleston and Deis to go next time!


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