Dorms: Music, Laughter and Poignancy at House Formal Dinner


On the 13th of November the boys of Dorms House attended their Evensong and Formal Dinner.

Dressed impeccably in their finest suits and ties, the boys headed to the chapel to consider the theme of Respect.


During the evensong, many of the boys stood up to give readings on the topic. They all spoke clearly and accurately, and made the audience consider the different forms of respect. The Reverend gave his address and deliberated an acronym using each letter of the word Respect to explain its meaning.

After a reflective solo piece on the Piano from Cyrus Chan, and some heartily sung hymns, the chapel came to a close and we all headed over to the dining room.


At first, our prefects escorted our guests to the Salon, where they enjoyed some drinks and conversation. This gave the main body of the house time to filter into the dining room, and take their seats.

Shortly after, we were all standing behind our chairs, and after the Reverend Buckler had said grace, we sat and tucked in to our starters of bruschetta with a light tomato and basil topping. During the interval between courses, Mr Elwell led the house in a game of 'Heads and Tails'. This is a proud Dorms tradition, and always becomes very competitive.


This year, the lucky Sebastian Ros-Merino was victorious, and won a box of chocolates to share with his table.

The main course followed, a Beef bourguignon in a velvety red wine sauce. Everyone agreed that the standard of food was excellent, and certainly went well with a glass of the Merlot for the adults.  

Soon after, it was time for our guest speaker, Mr David Leggett. As the Housemaster of Dorter and 1st XI Football coach, Mr Leggett commands respect and gave an emotional and personal lecture on what he sees as the three most important types; respect of other people and cultures, respect for friends and family, and self-respect. His wise words were taken on board, and a short video (filmed and edited by Caspar Walsh) was screened, showing the opinions on the meaning of respect of a range of Dorms boys and staff.


After a short pause to digest the meaning of Mr Leggett's speech, and the main course, Josh Novell led the house in a tribute to Mr Elwell. This was a very moving occasion, and was fitting to the theme and decorum of the evening.

Dessert arrived soon after, a Banoffee pie with lashings of cream. This was enjoyed by all, and closely followed by a cheese platter of Cheddar, Brie and Stilton. This last addition was a real hit with the boys, and there wasn't a scrap left by the end of the evening.


The closing of the dinner was left to the Head of House, Jason Wang. Jason's speech was both a personal reflection on his time at Bede's and a means of offering some advice to the younger members of the House. It was both witty and emotional, with a poignant quote about respect from Confucius at the end.

After rapturous applause, the evening ended with the allocation of prizes to those deserving individuals in the house. Tom Davies then rounded off the night with his House-Music winning solo, which again ended in a standing ovation.


As the guests began to leave, congratulations on a fantastic evening were given by Dr Maloney and Mrs Belrhiti. The boys headed back to house, with stomachs full of food, and minds contemplating the true meaning of respect.


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