Drama: About The School Play “Noises Off”


There's nothing like a good old-fashioned plate of curtain…

First performed in 1982, Noises Off is a theatrical farce written by the inimitable Michael Frayn. The play is famous, in part, due to the unusual perspective from which much the story is told: i.e. with audiences watching the action in the back stage area as much as they are watching the actors 'on stage.'

The play's title comes from the theatrical stage direction indicating sounds coming from backstage, with the production beginning only hours before the opening of a separate farce called Nothing On.

Spectators viewing Noises Off are therefore watching a play within a play - one of which doesn't look like it's going very well.

The story starts with the fictional touring company at the heart of the play hurriedly running through a final dress rehearsal in the Grand Theatre, Weston-Super Mare, before the first audience arrives.

The Nothing On cast is made up of loveable characters but, as might rightly be expected, they aren't necessarily the most consummate professionals.

Dotty (Bede's own Ruth Godfrey playing the actor playing Mrs. Clackett) can't remember her entrances and exits...

Garry (Harvey Cole) is a male love interest who can't remember his lines...

Brooke (Grace London) is playing Vicki, the female lead who is constantly posing and primping without any understanding of what the play is about or what she is doing...

Trying to pull the production of Nothing On together is the director, Lloyd Dallas (Joe Robson), sitting in the darkened auditorium shouting out directions and trying to get everybody ready for curtain up.

What happens next of course provides more than one twist in the tale…


The cast of the Bede's production of Noises Off have now been in rehearsal for ten full weeks and they would be overjoyed if you would join us for a performance on either the 19th, 20th or 22nd of November.


Tickets are available from the Bede's Box Office via email on maria.leigh@bedes.org or via telephone on +44 (0)1323 843252.



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