First Year: Alex Reports on the 2014 Outdoor Pursuits Trip


We arrived just before darkness fell and marvelled at the beauty that of the Peak District National Park.

What I enjoyed the most was the range of activities available I tried and learnt many new skills such as how to make a shelter, how to build a wild fire and many more survival tips.


The entire First Year before they left.

One day we were crawling through an underground cave and the next abseiling down a 50ft bridge.


The week in the Peak District was a great way of not only meeting new friends but building on the friendships that had been forged in my House, Knights.

As a result of the trip, I now trust and support my peers a lot more than I had previously and will look to identify when they need a helping hand.


Despite the cold weather and muddy walks, I loved the OP Trip. It is a week that will stay in my memory throughout my life at Bede's and beyond.


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