Knights: Bertie Reviews This Year’s House Formal Dinner


On the 17th of November, Knights House held their annual Formal dinner, an event of celebration, entertainment and reflection.

The night is a pinnacle of the year for Knights, the time where we sit down as a full House to celebrate the community that we have become.


The theme for our Formal Dinner and Evensong was Community, a concept teaching the House to always respect, cherish, and give up time for ones close to us not only in Knights, and the School, but the community of Upper Dicker and the local area.

The first part of the evening consisted of the chapel service, again based on the concept of Community. Many of the boys read strongly and convincingly, such as Marcus Hendry, Leo Maher, Henry Vine, William Jobling, Sam Leonard, and of course the House Prefects, sharing extracts from the bible, or delivering short poems provoking us into deeper thought.


Leading on from this the Reverend also gave us a passionate address concerning the theme of Community, and how vital it is to each and every one of us, even if we hadn't realised it.

Throughout the service, the House sung whole-heartedly to songs such as Amazing Grace and a Knights house favourite Jerusalem.

The guests for the evening, Mrs Sanpietro, Dr Maloney, Ms Woolett, Mrs Lambeth, aided by our Housemaster, Mr Waterhouse, and the House Prefects, ventured over to the Recital Room for the second half of the evening.


Throughout the day, some of the boys of Knights House had been working hard to transform the Recital Room into a welcoming hall laid out for dinner, marked by the traditional Knights' purple.

The rest of the House soon followed, obviously excited to find their meal already on the table. To start, a Chinese Banquet; for main, French trimmed Chicken breast; and for dessert, Sticky Toffee Pudding, all served by the lovely girls of Crossways House.


A warm, and sociable aura spread across the room, an obvious sign to which everybody was enjoying themselves, but soon, the room fell to silence as the speeches began.

Our guest speaker, Mrs Sanpietro, representing Raystede, the local animal shelter charity which cares for over 2000 animals yearly without government funding.


Raystede is the charity that Knights House will offer donations throughout the year, through charity events.

Mrs Sanpietro's passion and belief in the charity was striking and emanated throughout the room. Considering that we have been planning our Charity Week (taking place early next year), it was a great opportunity to find out what we would be working for and where the proceeds would go.

We hope that Mrs Sanpietro's comical yet hard-hitting stories will inspire the boys of Knights to not only give of their time to raise money during Charity Week but also to visit Raystede in Hailsham and volunteer there. Could there be a much better way to aid our Community?


Following this was the widely anticipated Head of House speech from James Coyle. Confident and clear, James told us why Knights was so special to him, and how, as a new student in the Lower Sixth, he was immediately made to feel welcome within the Knights community.

James' speech was not without comedy, with short stories about his times in the Knights House common room, and how those memories will become some of his most cherished from his time at a Bede's.


Mr Waterhouse went on to thank our guests, give his views on the Knights community and of the evening. As is a unique Knights House tradition, Mr Waterhouse also invited the House Prefects to present the lovely waitresses of Crossways House with roses.


To conclude, Mr Waterhouse introduced the Knights House band (Sam Hannah, Panyoti Kalemonopolous, Mark Sattin, and Max Flavelle) who - frankly - astonished the House with the immense quality of their rendition of Kids by MGMT.

Their performance rounded the night off in a brilliant way, giving a fitting ending to a spectacular evening.



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