School Council: Azjad Reports on Recent Progress


On the 19th November, 2014, we had the second of our Student School Council Meetings, of this year. 

The Student Council is wholly student-driven: organised and exclusively attended by students. The Council meetings are fuelled by ideas generated from Sub-Committee meetings, each of which is run by a School Prefect. 

These Sub-Committees are divided into 6 groups; Academic, Social, Reflection & Action, Pastoral, Food and Co-Curricular. Each Sub-Committee passes on their minutes to myself, so an agenda can be created for the Student Council. The meetings themselves are attended by student Heads of Houses and Junior representatives from each House, along with the Heads of School. 

The cross-section of students that are represented at the Council allow for a diverse range of perspectives to be discussed with each issue raised. The meetings deal with issues as small as 'uniform rules' to plans as large as social events for the entire school to enjoy.  


With every improvement made, however small, the school becomes an even more enjoyable learning and living environment for us, as students. The Student Council has allowed for the school to adapt to our ideas and needs, rather than the contrary. 

From what I've seen, the Student Voice has really benefited those who've made themselves a part of it. Whether it's students attending Sub-Committee meetings to represent their Houses' ideas, or Prefects liaising with teachers to make these ideas a reality- students are developing vital skills required to utilise their initiative. They're adapting to work in an environment where they can make things happen and get heard. 

There's nothing more exciting than being in a room with such enthusiastic, innovative peers. 

This first term has set up numerous exciting plans that we hope will be put into action soon. The team and I will keep you updated in the weeks to come. 


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