Stud: Jake Reviews This Year’s House Evensong and Formal Dinner


On the night of 6 November 2014 the Stud House Evensong and Formal Dinner saw sixty-six Stud boys accompanied by their guests coming together for a very special annual event.

House Formals allow each House to celebrate our unique spirit and sense of unity. The theme that we chose this year was "Family" which every member of Stud considers each other to be.

The theme was taken on intuitively by Reverend Buckler, who put together a wonderful service which really embodied our theme.


The ninety people who made up the congregation for the evening filed into the rows of the Chapel where Reverend Buckler addressed us and Nicholas Sistovaris, Zachary Law, Alistair Brazier, Jake Friedman-Kenshole and Jay Adebisi read several readings and prayers.  It was emotive and at times humorous, but overall set a perfect mood for the evening. 


After singing our hearts out at Evensong we headed to the Recital Room, which had been prepared beautifully by the Sixth Form earlier in the day.

Several round tables and an enormous long table stretched across the room, with the Upper Sixth enjoying the privilege of being on the top table for their last year.

Every guest and member of Stud House were seated according to a well thought-out table plan which allowed the boys of Stud House to look after and entertain their guests.


The dinner and entertainment was orchestrated by the Stud House Prefect Team and comprised a delicious three course meal prepared by Holroyd Howe, the school caterers. 

A wonderful after dinner speech followed, given by our guest speaker, Mr Jackson, previously a Resident Tutor in Stud House from 2009-2013.

Mr Jackson's speech was motivating, charismatic and personal, which meant a lot to the Stud boys as Mr Jackson is still a favourite teacher to many of us.


After this we listened to the Stud band performing 'Way back into love', with Olivia Prince-Smith singing beautifully as guest vocalist.

Presents were then given to our motherly Matrons, led to the front of the room by the gentlemanly prefects.


We would like to say a big thanks to our fantastic Crossways House waitresses who worked hard to make our dinner so enjoyable.

Nicholas Sistovaris, Head of Stud House, completed the evening with his speech thanking all that came and highlighting his personal experiences over the five years of being in Stud House.  


It was a lovely evening and one that we will certainly remember.


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