Art and Design: Making Christmas Cards With Bede’s Victorian Eagle Press


Towards the end of term, Ms Parris' First Year pupils designed prints for Christmas Cards and made them up using the Art School's Columbian 'Eagle Press.'

This Columbian press is 200 years old and was designed by George E. Clymer.

This type of press is famous for being one of the first presses to allow a whole newspaper page to be printed in a single pull on its levers.


The Columbian press went on to be manufactured in great numbers for over a century, chiefly in the United Kingdom, although few of these incredible machines now survive.

The term 'Eagle Press' comes from the beautiful designs of the press counterweights.


After sketching onto lino, Mrs Parris' pupils cut out their designs, rolled out the ink and transferred their prints onto maps and old book paper.

Next term, Mrs Parris will be moving the pupils onto a large bee-themed project for the Towner Art Gallery Schools Show.

For more on that, watch this space...









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