Camberlot: Ben on Lighting "Cabaret"


After rigging, designing, programming and operating lights and sound for numerous plays and shows, I decided to try my hand at something a little different, working on lights for Cabaret 2014.

I've never helped with any event as big as this one and I was really quite nervous as the lights dimmed on Friday night and we started the first cue. However, It was an incredible experience and I felt privileged to help make such an amazing night.


During the first three days of the week a lot of rigging and ladder-climbing took place to fit, focus, and fiddle with over 60 fixtures. Matt Jebb, Knights, and myself spent Thursday and Friday learning an enormous amount about all the fixtures and designs, particularly the moving heads lights that cover the floor in a shifting light.


After an incredibly long tech rehearsal and a good amount of time preparing video projections and microphones, it was time to perform to the boarders.

There is always a small sense of nervous excitement before any performance, perhaps just as much as there is for the musicians and dancers.

Three hours later, one successful performance down, it was time to focus on the big night.


Everything went just as planned and from what we could see everyone had a great time dancing to the tunes of 'Ain't No Mountain High Enough' and disco lights at the end, and the firework finale really added a bang to the end of the evening.


Overall, I had a fantastic time and feel that working behind the scenes can be just as rewarding as performing on stage.

There is a lot of lighting to be done before Cabaret 2015, but when it comes, I will definitely be ready to top even this year's technical show!


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