Community Links: Bede’s Girls Write, Produce and Direct a Primary School Panto!


During the Autumn Term, five Sixth Form girls; Tilly Corbett, Jemima Hopper, Jessica Houston, Emilie Stone and Alexandra Gibb, ran a Drama Club at Park Mead Primary School during Tuesday Activities under the guidance of Ms Dunstall.

The girls led acting games and activities throughout the term with the aim of building the confidence of the children, aged 6 to 11, in performing in front of an audience.

The group had been set the challenging goal of putting together a play to perform to parents before the Christmas holidays and therefore had many tasks to complete before the curtain rose on "Snow White and the Seven Elves: A Christmas Twist on a Classic Fairy Tale."

With the help of Ms Dunstall, the Sixth Form girls wrote a suitable script, replacing the traditional Snow White dwarfs with elves and the apple with a mince pie.

After several introductory sessions getting to know the children from Park Mead, the girls then began to introduce the theme of Snow White into the one hour periods, using techniques such as freeze frames and improvisations.

But this was the easy part!


The girls next faced the difficult task of casting the parts and directing scenes in a very limited time. As there were not enough students to fill the nineteen roles, four of the girls had to step in. Additionally, Alexandra had the enormous task of co-ordinating back stage!

The Park Mead Drama Club then teamed up with the Park Mead Music Club, which is also run by Bede's students, to add some atmospheric compositions to the play.

Finally, on the 2nd December, the children had learnt their lines, the scenes had been blocked and there was a sense of anticipation as the audience arrived.

The play was a success! Around 60 parents and teachers came to spectate and they all thoroughly enjoyed themselves, departing while happily munching on the mince pies they had been offered by Snow White during the finale.

The five Bede's girls left with a great sense of pride and accomplishment and are very thankful to Ms Dunstall for giving them the opportunity to have such an inspiring experience.


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