Crossways Wins Gingerbread House Competition


The Bede's Gingerbread House competition was judged on Wednesday 10th December and as the early entries were displayed I realised that more ingredients would be required!

The boys of Knights House started with lots of enthusiasm and careful planning to make sure that the final product would be perfect. After Mrs Parris had given us some sage advice, the careful construction of our Gingerbread House then commenced with Sam Leonard and Ed Writer as chief designers.


Throughout the building project, we were besieged by problems. Thankfully, by the end of the process our construction was standing and decorated to the highest order. All that was left was to deliver it to the Judges table.

Unfortunately, disaster struck on the way and a total Gingerbread House collapse occurred.


Overall, Knights placed 8th in the competition with Crossways House winning overall. Most importantly though, we had fun and ate a large quantity of chocolate!

At the end of the competition, the 10 Gingerbread Houses were donated to charity.

The entire competition was a worthwhile and very rewarding endeavour and I cannot wait until next year!


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