Knights: Matthew Reports on House Christmas Outing


With so much activity happening in the last half of term, the Christmas Outing is thoroughly deserved and enjoyed.

Knights House decided to make their exciting Christmas trip to Portsmouth to take part in two competitive games of Laserquest at Action Stations on a replica hijacked container ship!


Watching Mr Hopkins climb the 8.4m high indoor climbing wall added to the intense competition of the day and we all tried beating his time of under 15 seconds.

Dom Sohail conquered this climbing wall in 11.4 seconds showing Mr Hopkins the benefits of youth!


The groups were given the opportunity to walk around Action Stations and test our skills and speed of reactions in using weapons during simulation attacks. Flying in the full-scale replica cockpit of the Merlin helicopter in realistic scenarios was my highlight.


This fantastic experience was followed by a trip to Gun Wharf Quays finishing off or starting our Christmas shopping.

Finally, Knights students met at Frankie and Benny's for a delicious, three-course lunch before travelling back to Bede's.


The day was exciting and interesting and I very much look forward to taking part in our next House Outing!


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