Music: First Year Pupils Produce Lunchtime Concert


On the 8th of December Rosa Marks, Craig Mallinson and I put on a lunchtime concert in the Recital Room which, thankfully, was very successful.

We organized this concert for our Music Project this term, which counts towards our Bronze Arts Awards.

First up, we had a very good singer name Molly Fisher-Newton singing 'Santa Claus is Coming to Town'. Then we had Craig and I playing the bongos, which was an improvised piece we very much enjoyed performing.


Next, the very talented Rosa Marks took to the stage and sang 'When She Loved Me' from the film Toy Story 2.

Craig then took to the stage again to perform an improvised piece on the drum kit. He did surprisingly well bearing in mind he was missing a tom tom on the kit!


Finally, we performed a Christmas song that we had written as a group and, thankfully, the song went down very well.

We had approximately twenty people in our audience, and they all seemed to enjoy it very much.

I thought that we were very successful because, firstly, we performed all of our songs as planned on the programme and we learned a lot from the process.


Most importantly, we now know that planning a successful concert requires organising everything well in advance and promoting the event in order to ensure more people attend. 

Next time I will also look to perform more songs and encourage a greater number of people to participate.


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