Art and Design: Looking Back at 2014


Lizzie D'Allessandri, 2014


2014 was an outstanding year for Bede's students in the Art Department.

They have excelled across all the specialisms - Fine Art, Graphic Communication, Ceramics and Photography and it is the combination of these four disciplines that earns us the title of an Art School with the School.


Ben Simpson, 2014

The quality of the work on display at the GCSE and A-Level Exhibitions was sensational and our students should be extremely proud of their achievements.

Traditional Paintings and Sculptural Ceramic pieces rubbed shoulders with industry standard Graphic Design, Film, Installations and Photography. The GCSE work was of A-Level standard and the A-Level work looked like degree-level work.


Sophie Edwards, 2014

15 Bede's students have gone on to Art College to study on Art Foundation courses and Degree courses across the country. The Degree courses include Architecture, Graphic Design, Fine Art, Photography and Animation, and this is a reflection of the diversity of work produced by Bede's Art students.

In the Bede's Art department we care about the quality of each student's work and their individual outcomes. It is about Art first and the grades second.


Ali Stead, 2014

However, along with the quality of work, Bede's students achieved some of the best grades on record. At A2 level 98% of candidates achieved A* to B with 48% of our candidates achieving the top A* grade (30% in 2013). 100% of our candidates achieved A* to C.

At GCSE 100% of candidates achieved an A*- B and in addition to this 87% achieved an A* to A with 13% of students achieving full marks (200/200).


Lim Sung, 2014

These grades are merely an echo of the standard of Artwork produced by Bede's talented students; it is the work that should be celebrated.

We know all of our former students will go on to do great things and we look forward to hearing of their achievements. Now, however, it is 2015 and this year's current Upper Fifth and A Level students are starting to create their own future masterpieces.


Will Brown, 2014

Ambitious Paintings and Ceramics will be joined by industry-standard Graphic Design, Photography and Films - part of the excitement for teachers and students alike is that the outcomes are always different, personal and fresh.

As always, all the hard work and dedication throughout the year pays off at the end, so I hope you will join us in celebrating the achievements of our exceptional students at the Bede's Art Exhibition 2015 on Friday 26 June.


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