Deis: House Charity Week Raises £3,000


Weeks of planning came to a head recently during Deis House's Charity Week, which saw Bede's pupils setting out to promote involvement in the Chailey Heritage Foundation via raising awareness about what the charity does and by raising money for it.

Our goal was to raise at least £1,500 and we exceeded this objective by 100%, raising £3,000, through the incredible efforts shown by the students - most notable during the 'Active Deis' events on the Saturday and Sunday.


Max Hunter going for his swim as part of the 'Active Deis' weekend.

Throughout the week, the House took over from the Tuck Shop, selling various items such as Pot Noodles, Mars Bars, Crisps, Coca Cola and home-made chocolate brownies.

Continuing the "selling sweet things" theme, we also ran a whole school Cake Sale where students in Deis brought in homemade cakes to sell - most notably including Ollie Morris' famous rock cakes!


The next event on Deis house's agenda was the House Soirée where we had the Deis House Band playing various musical pieces with the impressive Oliver Hutchinson on the piano and Conor Woodbridge on the violin.

At the end of the evening we had the raffle in which we had over 30 prizes to win. Notable wins were the Body Butter won by Senior Day Housemaster Mr Mills and 4 tickets to a West End show, which were won by a very pleased Cole Cornford.


A lovely bottle of scotch whiskey went to one happy raffler!

The last event of the Deis' Charity Week was 'Active Deis' - a weekend of action where everyone in Deis went out on Saturday or Sunday to do something active and be sponsored for it - as the photos below attest.

Sean Deans managed to run 10 kilometres, Conor Woodbridge raised £400 by busking in Tunbridge Wells, Robbie Mayo went surfing in a very cold English Channel and Max Hunter did similar - swimming around the pier in Eastbourne!


Conor Woodbridge showed absolutely incredible commitment. Well done!

There were some inventive pledges too such as First Year Jess Wilby's 'Drumathon' and fellow First Year Tom Block's 'Trampoline-a-thon.'

Well done to all of the participants for their enthusiasm, particularly given the weather that weekend.


Jesse Wilby mid-Drumathon!

Overall, the Deis Charity Week was a great success with approximately £3,000 raised so far with more money to collect.

Considering that we aimed to raise £2700 by the end of the year, we are overjoyed that Chailey Heritage will now able to buy a new Eye Gaze system to continue and enhance their incredible work.


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Cole Cornford and Tom Howlett head out on their bikes.


Harry Morriss limbers up for his charity run.


James Cuxson after his charity swim.


Marcus Hinchon getting 'Deis Active'


Max Hunter having a post-swim hot chocolate!


Robbie Mayo about to catch some waves.


Sam Wallace out running, ignoring the grim weather!


Housemaster Mr Driver at the Deis House Soiree.