ETP: Bede’s Elite Athletes Attend Drug In Sport Talk


Bede's Director of Sport and UKAD Advisor Mr Hibbert recently hosted a talk on doping and drugs in sport for members of the Emerging Talent Programme.

Held in the Salon at Bede's and attended solely by members of the ETP, all of whom are either nationally ranked in their sport or who represent the county, region or country, Mr Hibbert's lecture was the latest in an extensive programme of lectures encompassing a number of key areas of knowledge important for those embarking on careers in sport.


Focussed on the work and benefits of the "100% Me" education programme, the talk encompassed fundamental ideas such as 'strict liability' and the politics of doping; with sporting bans lasting 4 years, which precludes many of those who are given bans from competing in one of only two or three Olympic Games in which they might hope to take part, his message was simple and clear:

"Doping is cheating," he explained. "You could argue that, for many athletes, drugs actually level the playing field. You could also argue that banning drugs drives drug use undercover and means that athletes take substances without medical supervision. All that said, the issue is not complicated because doping is against the rules, and if you cheat in sport you will be penalised."


In a world in which winning is everything, Mr Hibbert identified how athletes will use every tool available to them, from diet to specialist facilities, ice baths and so on, in order to win. Through case study examples including Rio Ferdinand, Ben Johnson, Christine Ohuruogu, Lance Armstrong and Paul Gallen, he also explained the effects and consequences of stimulants, diuretics, anabolic agents, peptides, hormones and more.

"What you put into your body is your responsibility," he explained. "Even if you don't know or realise something you've taken is illegal, it's still your fault."


Following on from the session, every member of the Bede's ETP has joined the 100% Me service, which works in association with the World Anti-Doping Agency.

From there, the sporting students will then take part in short courses in preparation for their next ETP session with England Cricket Nutritionist Chris Rosimus on January 25.


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