Dicker: Alex Visits Buckingham Palace for OBE Ceremony


This year my Mum was awarded an OBE for services to Medical Research.

She received a letter from the Prime Minister asking if she would be happy for her name to go forwards to the Queen - and she was told she had to keep it a total secret, even from me! We didn't know anything about it until her name was in the paper, which was when Mr Mpandawana spotted it too.

Months went past and nothing happened until, in December, we were all invited to go to her investiture ceremony in Buckingham Palace.

We stayed in a posh hotel in London and dressed up in our finery. Mr Mills asked me to wear my Dicker tie, which you can see it in the photo!

We drove through the gates of Buckingham Palace and we sat in the front row as people received their medals.


Congratulations to Mrs Nebhrajani OBE!

Prince Charles gave my mum her medal and had a few words with her about what she had done in order to get it.

We were all very pleased but my grandparents, who are 78 and 84 years old and and who had came from India to Britain in 1962, were proudest of all.

It was a really great day.


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