Paintballing Club: Tactics, Team-Building and Gas-Powered Gratification


Having only launched in the Autumn Term of 2014, Mr Stoneman's Paintballing Activity has become one of the most oversubscribed clubs on offer at Bede's.

The pupils who take part in the club travel each week to a local outdoor activity centre and undertake in a series of team and individual games and challenges.


For those unfamiliar with the hobby, Paintball guns fire a small ball of paint using compressed air. They are most effective at 10-100m and don't hurt as much as people think, according to Mr Stoneman!

"I think all paintballers would say you certainly know when you take a round or two, and most of us have the marks to prove it," he says, adding, "Paintball is a fast and furious game with paint flying in all directions from the first instant to the last. It's a great way to get fit; nothing motivates you to move fast more than dodging incoming fire!"


As evidenced by the results of the club, paintballing also a great way of building new friendships.

"When you play on a team together, you have to trust everyone to have your back," adds Mr Stoneman. "Plus, after a round, everyone cleans off any paint and compares stories. No one comes out of a session without an interesting incident to talk about."


Normally these tales are of daring, close escapes or quick reactions, but sometimes a misjudged move results in a Bedian being on the receiving end of some paint.

"Needless to say, everyone is keen to get back in the action again next round," Mr Stoneman concludes. "It's great to see the members of the club plotting as to how they can turn the tables on their foes!"


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