Event Review: Bede's Boarders Concert 2015


The recent Bede's Boarders Concert saw students from across the year groups performing as soloists and in bands across a relaxed and informal evening of entertainment.

It was wonderful to see so many boarders accepting the challenge of performing for the first time, with the newly formed First Year Camberlot House Band, consisting of Matthew Grant, Jaz Wardle, Alex Bloch and Sam Lung, executing a toe-tapping, jazzy number to start the evening off in style.


Debut solo performances were given by Crossways House's Alexandria de Melo, who performed an Ed Sheeren number on drum kit, fellow Crossways girl Paris Kwok, who performed a lyrical piano duet with Mr Scamardella, and Dorter House's Maria Mihaila, who sang 'I Dreamed a Dream' from Les Miserables.

Next up was Dorter House's Izzy Viney performing 'Defying Gravity' from Wicked who was followed by fellow Dorter girls Elizabeth Myers and Amadeu Carceller-Pardina who both played piano.

Camberlot House's Cameron Preston returned to his classical guitar roots and gave a lovely performance of his own composition and other top quality performances followed from some of our Upper Sixth boarders.


Crossways House's Laura Adebisi sang two beautiful classical pieces before her housemate Evie Eastwood, in a very contrasting style, gave an emotive performance of Hozier's 'Take Me to Church'.

Stud House's Alistair Brazier performed one of his all-time favourite songs 'Close Every Door to Me' for which he gained rapturous applause and fellow Upper Sixth Stud student Cyrus Chan capped the evening off (and left the audience in complete awe) with a virtuosic, climactic turn on the piano.

The evening, which even included half-time popcorn, crisps and drinks sold by Dorter House to raise money for The Quicken Trust, was thoroughly enjoyed by all.


It was lovely to see the boarders from all the Houses supporting and encouraging one another and pushing themselves out of their comfort zones. Well done!

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