Legat and Photography: Alex Describes Collaborating on ‘Apparent Obscurity’

Forced Disappearance


Legat School of Dance and Bede's Art School presents - Apparent Obscurity from Bede's on Vimeo.

Last term, I was approached  by Ms Excell and Mrs Murphy with an idea of bringing the Photography department and The Legat School of Dance together on a project.

I wasn't sure if it was going to work as I had never done anything like this before with moving imagery. 

I spent about a month emailing and meeting with Mrs Murphy and Ms Excell trying to figure out how the idea might come together; the Legat dancers were already in the process of choreographing a dance, so the challenge was folding my Photography and Film ideas into it. 

Before Christmas we sat down in the Art Rooms for a meeting and threw around different ideas; with Mr Waring on-board to help with logistics, we started to work out how to hang back sheets and backlight my film projection from the ceiling in the Drama Studio, placing a stage behind it to film what represents the girls' shadows.


I spent a lot of time working with Amira, Summer and Cydney to create the graphics, and we met each Monday in breaks and during Activity Time so we could rehearse, refine and choreograph the projection.

We completed the performance in February and presented the final cut (that no one apart from us had yet seen) to parents and students at the Legat Choreographic Competition in March.

It was fantastic to bring together the Photography department and Legat School of Dance, as well as to rise to this challenge.

I would like to say a special thank you to Mr Waring and the Drama department for their support, whilst also thanking Mrs Murphy and of course the talent young dancers I worked with. 


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