Bede’s Cricket Academy Tours Barbados


On Thursday April 9th, the members of Bede's Cricket Academy set off for a pre-season tour of Barbados - a tour which saw pupils enjoy a day snorkelling with sea turtles, another spent training at the Franklyn Stephenson's Academy and three matches against competitive sides from which Bede's emerged victorious.

The squad, which consisted of a mixture of boys and girls from Bede's Senior School and four of Bede's Prep School's Sussex County players, began with the pupils checking into their hotel and almost immediately starting a game of Beach Cricket.


The next day was spent training at The Wanderer's Cricket Club, during which the players came to understand what it meant to play on the hard Caribbean wickets as well as in the ferocious heat.

"After a couple of hours we were all exhausted, explained U15 Sussex County player and Lower Fifth pupil Ariana Dowse, "but we managed to cool off in time for a night out at Oiston's Fish Fry, which was both delicious food and extremely fun!"


A few of the Bede's party, including Joe Sarro, Oscar Green and Scott Lenham, even found their way on to the stage during the evening where they competed in a dance-off with some local Barbadians.

The following day saw the group's first match against St Leonard's School which, despite several rain interruptions, saw some great play and the first of Bede's victories via the Duckworth Lewis scoring rate.


Sunday saw the group spending time training at ex-West Indies player Franklyn Stephenson's Academy, with the training clearly helping the players; the next day the Bedians played Lodge School - one of Barbados' best cricket schools - and bested the local team by 35 runs.

"There were many star performances during the match," explained Bede's Director of Cricket Alan Wells, "but special mention must go to Ryan Hoadley for his 49 runs, Tom Peck for his 3 wickets, Ariana Dowse for her fantastic keeping and Daisy Bean for her three wickets in the last over!" 


Tuesday saw the squad take some time off from cricket, with the pupils spending the day on a catamaran exploring the west side of the island, swimming with turtles and snorkelling in Barbado's crystal clear waters.

Well-rested, the team then undertook their final match against the world-famous Wanderers Club.

The Bede's squad expected a tough challenge from the Wanderers U15 side - a team which has, in the past, produced cricketers such as Jason Holder and Craig Braithwaite.


Fantastic bowling performance from the Bede's team, including 4 wickets for team captain Zac Cisotti, meant that the Bedians managed to bowl the Wanderers Club out for 111 - a score which they managed to meet in just 13 overs without loss.

"All in all," said Mr Wells, "the week was a fantastic experience and served as great preparation for the season. Thanks to all the staff and students who attended, not least Zac, Ryan, Alastair, Tom, Harry R, Harry W, Ben, Bertie, Oscar and Ariana, as well as Prep School players Scott, Ollie, Daisy and Joe."


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