Tennis: Bede’s Teams Prevail in U16 Sussex County Shield


Photos by Elizaveta Lukinskaya, Lower Sixth, Dorter House 

On one of the hottest days of the year so far, and no wind, it was almost too perfect a day for Bede's first school tournament of the tennis season.

Specifically, this competition was the Under 16 Sussex Cup, where schools from around the county put forward a team of 4 players to try and win.

In Bede's case, we had put forward 2 boys' teams and one girls' team (12 players overall, or 6 doubles pairs).


Having warmed up on the new Multi-Use Games Area, which has added 4 new tennis courts to the Bede's campus, the players were ready and got off to a great start; all of our teams eased through their groups to the semi-final knockout stage. However, playing for a long time in the heat can ebb the concentration, so we needed to keep levels of focus high if we were going to win!

In the boys' tournament, the Bede's A team was to play in one semi-final and the Bede's B team in the other. In the girls' competition, things was trickier: we only had one team to pull through!


The girls won a potentially problematic Semi, placing themselves in the position of winning a close final, and sure enough, it was close! Unfortunately, it was not a win for Bede's, with Milay School, Horsham, narrowly winning 23-22 to claim the Shield.

This end result should not take away from the effort that the girls put in throughout the competition, and gaining a well-earned 2nd place in a county competition is a brilliant accomplishment!


On the other court, the Bede's A team pulled through comfortably in their semi-final, with one pair winning 20-0 in their match! However, life was more difficult for the Bs who, on paper, should maybe not have won their match against an A team; with some great play by both pairs however, the Bs won on count back to make the hoped for moment of a Bede's v Bede's final!


On the last match of the day, the Bede's A team of Kai Maxted, Andre Bennett, Ethan Parker and Alex Targett eventually prevailed and took home the Sussex Shield, whereas Bede's B Henry Hughes, Bart Gill, Josh Goldin and Harry Prow took home Silver as well!

Overall, the Sussex Cup saw an impressive day of play from all three of the Bede's teams; it marked a great start to the 2015 season, and the whole school is extremely excited to see what might happen with these young players between now and the end of June.


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