Bede’s Prefects: A Successful First Session for The 2015-16 Team


Just before term ended, Bede's Pastoral Team held the first of three training sessions for the new cohort of 2015-16 House Prefects.

The day started with a warm welcome and introduction by Dr Maloney, during which he explained his belief that there 'is no more important role than being a prefect.'

He said that, "Bede's prefects have the chance to take on genuine responsibility, to help set the direction of the school and, most importantly, shape the lives of other pupils for the better. Their contribution is vital to the well-being of the whole community."


After a few ice-breaker games, Niko Sistovaris, Laura Adebisi and Ed Cudlipp then spoke about their experiences over the past year and how important support for our Housemasters was as well as continuously setting a good example to the younger students.

Mr Lewis then spoke about Safeguarding and the essential role that Prefects can play in ensuring the safety of all pupils in all ten of our houses.

Students were given examples of real life safeguarding issues to discuss. Everyone was extremely impressed by the breadth and depth of responses that came forth from each House Team.


After coffee, Mr Mills and Ms Belrhiti spoke about the Roles and Responsibilities of being a Prefect and gave the new 2015-16 Prefect Team a timely reminder of the need to look after one another and to step up and lead as best they can over the next year.

Mr Walker introduced the last task of day: planning the New Student Welcome Event for this summer.

The new Prefects spent quite a long time working out how they could best integrate new faces into their Houses - whether as part of a Day or Boarding house.


Bloomsbury House prefect Lydia Bennett-Li said of the day, "I thought that the morning was really useful for preparing us all for our new roles within our Houses and the school as a whole. I really enjoyed hearing from the previous prefects, as it gave us first-hand experience and an insight into the year to come."

She added, "Having this time to get to know our fellow Prefects and to begin forming and sharing ideas has been really enjoyable and I am excited to work with the new Prefect Team to improve and expand the school next year!"  


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