New Year 9 Curriculum to Launch at Bede’s


Bede's has completed a year-long review and restructuring of the Year 9 curriculum, taking what was already great and making it truly outstanding.

The project has seen the development of two new year-long courses unique to Bede's including The World, which will see pupils studying global politics and ethics across topics such as 'The Young Philosopher's Course' and 'Great British Leaders', and 21st Century Studies through which pupils will acquire the kinds of knowledge and soft-skills they will need in their professional lives but which do not feature on the National Curriculum.


Elsewhere, Bede's new 'First Year Curriculum' will see all of the school's Year 9 pupils engaging in a raft of innovative creative projects during their lessons, from creating stop-motion animation to illustration at Bede's multi-award winning Art School, embarking on an array of wood and metalworking projects with the Design and Technology department and taking courses in Music Production at Bede's own recording studio.

The extensive curriculum review has been a collaboration between all of Bede's Heads of Department and the school's partner organisation King's College London, with the delivery of this ambitious project overseen by the school's Academic Deputy Head Mr John Tuson.


Mr Tuson, whose blog can be read here, said of the process, "Year 9 is such an important year - the last year before exams start to loom over the lives of school-age children.

"Part of the work we have been doing at Bede's, which has seen five years of improvement in both our GCSE and A Level results, is to holistically educate - to educate the whole child. The new First Year Curriculum puts this idea at its very heart."


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