Business Studies: Upper Sixth Tour Twinings Tea


Bede's A Level Business Studies classes recently spent a day at Twinings Tea in Andover, with the global tea giant hand-crafting a day of tours and presentations to help the pupils prepare for their imminent A Level examinations.

In the days preceding the trip, the class received a "Pre-Release Paper" which tasked them with researching and gaining an understanding of how UK manufacturers have been influenced by issues including changes in technology, globalisation, location and government policy; once Twinings learned about this, they re-geared their trip experience especially for Bede's A Level groups.

"The students could not have asked for more than they received during this trip," explained Bede's Director of Academic Performance Mark Rimmington, who accompanied the classes during their visit. "Twinings were extremely generous hosts."


The day started with a meeting with Ian Kavanagh, the Site manager at the Twinings facility, who began by dressing the Bedians in the appropriate (and fetching) factory gear which included shoes, overalls, high visibility jackets and hair and beard covers.

The students then attended a bespoke lecture, custom written and delivered for them by Mr Kavanagh, which focussed on all the issues the Sixth Formers will have to address in their Bus4 papers.

"Mr Kavanagh allowed for questions and answers at any point during his talk and was extremely kind and generous with his time," said Upper Sixth Charleston House pupil Charlie Beevis.

The students were then split into groups of ten and were toured around the facility by engineers, experiencing the whole manufacturing process from source to the customer.

Along the way the students learned that, after Thomas Twinings founded the business in 1706, production was relocated from London to Andover in 1964 where, from the current premises, the factory operates 24 hours a day, seven days a week, employing 124 staff who produce 3 billion tea bags a year.


"This visit to Twinings was invaluable as all the points made in the students' A Level essays must be related to real life businesses," said Mr Jackson, who is one of the classes' teachers.

"Twinings really went the extra mile to help us investigate not only how they manufacture their products but also how they have been affected by the specific issues the students have been challenged to address in their upcoming exams. We couldn't have asked for more from them."


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