Conservatives Win Bede's Mini-Election


Yesterday, Bede's students turned out en masse to put forward their selections for the School's "Mini-Election," with hot-button political topics being discussed all across the campus.

The run-up to polling day saw a number of election debates and canvassing events around the school, with some candidates designing brochures, posters and other literature for the intensive days of campaigning leading up to May 7th.


The candidates

Elsewhere, teachers and private tutors themed lessons and Tutoring Sessions around the political process, exploring the development of the constitution of the UK and the history of the Westminster parliament and its parties.

When voting day came, fears were running around the School that Harry Thorpe's UKIP campaign, which seemed to thrive on the basis of novelty and anti-mainstream party feeling, would steal the top spot.


The queue to vote five minutes after the polls opened

Elsewhere, late arrival to the campaign Anna Moody, running as an independent, utterly disrupted the campaign by attracting a large number of the School's female voters following a passionate presentation about the representation of women in politics during assembly.

With voting taking place in the Bede's Recital Room at break time and during lunch hour, it took a matter of minutes for a queue to form which stretched from Head of Politics Mr Parker and History teacher Mrs O'Hara's 'Polling Booth' out of the Recital Room door and beyond.


The queue outside of the Recital Room

While a steady flow of ballots were being cast, pupils and staff debated the pros and cons of not only the Bede's Party Leaders but those leaders competing in the national election all over the School; as the countdown to the results announcement ticked away, excitement levels were extraordinarily high!

At 4.30pm, with the vast majority of the School assembling in Stud Yard and the votes counted and counted again by Mr Parker, the candidates stood before the school as Dr Maloney read out the final results.


Stud Yard as it filled with Bedians

With winner Chris Bowe (Conservative) earning 138 votes, followed by Ollie Marks (Green) at 113 and Anna Moody (Independent) at 109, all the candidates were given hearty applause before Chris gave his acceptance speech.

Further down the list, Harry Thorpe (UKIP) came in fourth with 89 votes, Sean Deans (Liberal Democrats) came in fifth with 18, Cameron Christie (Labour) came in sixth with 13 votes and Sam Hannah (SNP) came in seventh with 12.


Chris delivering his acceptance speech

Head of Politics Mr Parker said of the whole enterprise, "The Bede's election was a big success. It was wonderful to hear student conversations around the campus about the key issues of the day. The candidates worked incredibly hard, going into the day and boarding houses outlining their views and encouraging other students to support their party. Congratulations to Chris, but well done to all."


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