Geography: Volcano Studies Prompt Explosions of Creativity


As part of the First Year project on Tectonics, students were asked to undertake a number of different tasks - some of which really caught their imaginations!

The idea from Mrs Buckler was that we would challenge this year's First Year students with a variety of projects unlike any other subject - projects which reflected the variety of learning styles that we pursue in Geography.


Students were asked, amongst other things, to explain how to become a volcanologist, and to research every component required in order to plan a holiday to an exotic volcano.

One of the most interesting tasks was to build a volcano to illustrate the various features and types of eruption. In many cases students chose to build a composite volcano much like Vesuvius and Etna found in Italy.


There are many standout volcanoes and I think all of the geography department agrees that these of the best examples we have ever seen.

One of the very largest models came from Joachim Vestergaard of Knights House who manage to produce an erupting volcano and treated us to a demonstration during his grand reveal!


There were many examples of cake volcanoes some of which have now seen better days, but are definitely sturdier than when they were first brought in!

The variety of materials used was quite outstanding, from papier mâché and cardboard to cake, plaster of paris, sand and even balsa wood!


Volcanoes of all shapes and sizes came in and have added a lot of fiery colour to our classrooms - something for which Mr Walsh, Mrs Buckler and I are extremely grateful.

Classes were treated to presentations on the formation and eruption of Mount Etna, of which there were many fantastic speakers with Jazz Wardle and Joseph Walmsley making particularly detailed and entertaining speeches.


Overall the projects have been received well by the students; they were challenging, entertaining, difficult in places and overall ended up eliciting some fantastic, imaginative outcomes!


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