Camberlot: Into The Woods


Around this time of year, stress levels can get higher than normal for the majority of students.

With exams about to be in full swing, life-changing events around the corner and the pressure to achieve becoming intense: the boys of Cambo were feeling the stress last weekend.


That's why Mr Jones and his trusty dog Forest took a group of us out to Friston Forest for some well-deserved down time.

It was relaxing to simply walk through the countryside and forget about work and school for a small time - being outside, being away from the classroom was just what we all needed.


With Forest following along eagerly, plenty of good conversations flowed through the party, along with some laughs in our international group.

Here were Brits, Armenians, Bulgarians, Bermudans and the odd Texan in the mix. 


Everyone agreed that this was a great way to spend a Sunday morning, despite some classically British weather! 


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