Crossways: Charity Abseil Raises £2,500 For Blind Veterans


On the 14th of June, seven Crossways girls and I had a great experience abseiling down the side of The Grand Hotel in Brighton in aid of Blind Veterans UK.

Our Housemistress, Mrs Lambeth, took us all to Brighton to rappel down the eight storey building - wearing special equipment, of course - and although I had been excited about the event for days and the experience more than fulfilled my expectations!


Mrs Lambeth and her daughter Arabella throw caution to the wind.

The instructors showed us how we had to abseil and assured us that it was absolutely safe. Then, after the briefing, we each had to take the two big steps off of the building; this part of the process was the most difficult but, once I had taken the plunge, I felt like I was on a swing set - albeit a really high one in the middle of a bustling city!

Abseiling down a building on such a busy street evoked emotions so strong that I couldn't stop smiling. I felt energised for the whole day afterwards!


It was much easier than I thought it was going to be, and I can say on behalf of the eight of us who took part that it was an absolutely enjoyable activity.

After we completed our small mission we were cheered by the people watching us and presented with certificates.


More importantly, every individual Crossways girl raised more than £100 in sponsorship and, as a result, we raised £2,500 for Blind Veterans UK.

Overall, we received an outstanding reward for the hard work we put in and were happy to be supporting such a good cause.

I'm already looking forward to doing it next year! 



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