Dicker Wins House Cup For Fifth Year Running


The House Cup had been won by Dicker for the last four years - the big question this year was, could anyone take it away from them?

Yet again the Houses began with a sense of fierce competition - with all the Houses determined to beat Dicker and the girls in particular determined to see a girls House name on the trophy for the first time.  


This term's House Quiz.

The year started with the annual House Music competition with the theme this year being a tribute to Robbie Williams; the big song being a rousing rendition of "Let Me Entertain You".

The song proved to be a clear indicator for the whole evening - we were treated to some fantastic solo performances, won eventually by Tom Davies from Dorms with a superb bass guitar solo.

The small choir was won by Crossways with wonderful solo performances from Bertie Cook and David Caruthers. However the evening belonged to Charleston who were joined this year by the boys of Deis and Stud.


Quizmasters Mr Parker and Mr Jackson tally some scores...

The first House Competition Day took place in October with each house now competing separately after their joint ventures in House Music.

The Boys' Football was won by Knights in the Senior Section and Deis in the Junior Section. Bloomsbury triumphed in the Girls' Senior Netball and Crossways in the Girls' Hockey. Dicker were triumphant in both the Junior and Senior Quiz competitions with Stud winning the Golf and Camberlot the Chess.


The boys of Stud House get stuck into some House Bridge Building.

This year we had a new competition organised by our wonderful catering company, Holroyd Howe. Each house was given a Gingerbread House kit and they were then charged with decorating and constructing it. Mr Hadland from the Estates Team was called in to judge the finished products and awarded Crossways the top prize.

At the end of the Autumn Term, Dicker held a very narrow lead over Deis, who had failed to score any points in the Gingerbread House Competition as they ate the ingredients!


Mr Hiscox's lab bustling with young engineers.

It was all very close with only 6 points separating the top four houses.

The Spring Term had two major House Events - the Cross Country and a further House Competition Day in March. Dicker were almost unstoppable in both, winning the Junior and Senior Boys' Hockey, the Junior Quiz and the 'Interhousity Challenge' Quiz Competition which was staged over the course of the term.

Dorms and Dorter won the House Swimming Competition with Crossways winning the Volleyball. Blooms won the Girls' Football in a very fiercely contested final against Dorter while Charleston won the Girls' Hockey competition and Charleston became the Junior Girls Netball champions for the year.


The Dicker boys serving up success in the House Tennis.

Deis won the Junior Debating Competition and Knights the Senior, with Camberlot winning the Senior General Knowledge Quiz.

At the end of the Spring Term, Dicker House were starting to pull away from the others - although a strong overall performance from Dorter meant there was still a girls' House very much in contention. Indeed, the five houses in 3rd-7th place were all only 5 points apart!

The final House Competition Day of the year, which always takes place in the Summer Term, was postponed due to bad weather and was eventually rescheduled for the last Thursday of term.


Bloomsbury versus Charleston in the House Rounders.

The sun shone brightly as many students returned from study leave to support their Houses in Cricket, Rounders, Athletics, Bridge Building, Tennis and General Knowledge Quizzes.

Houses such as Stud put in a fantastic performance, with boys taking part in all the competitions, but they had left themselves too much to do. The Athletics was won by Knights and Charleston with outstanding individual performances from many pupils but Dicker continued to dominate in the Tennis and Cricket.


Deis versus Camberlot in the House Cricket.

Bloomsbury House won both the Girls' Tennis and House Rounders competitions, and the morning ended with the whole school watching the House Cricket final outside the new M-J Pavilion with a barbeque sizzling away in the background. What a wonderful way to finish off a great year of House Competitions!

The final assembly of the year then saw the Coleman Cup awarded to the House with the most points over the year. In the end, Dicker won again - but it is worth noting that Dorter, Blooms, Crossways and Charleston all had a fantastic latter half of the year and closed the gap significantly.


Crossways pull ahead in this year's House Athletics Relay Race.

Who knows - next year could finally be a girls' year?


Final Points

1st - Dicker 230 points

2nd - Dorter 222 points

3rd - Blooms 215 points

4th - Crossways 203 points

5th - Charleston 192 points

6th - Deis - 189 points

7th - Knights 182 points

8th - Dorms - 167 points

9th - Camberlot 162 points

10th - Stud - 129 points 


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