Bede’s Matches Best-Ever GCSE Results

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Jack, Talisker and Ana celebrate GCSE success

Bede's pupils have achieved GCSE results matching the school's best-ever performance last year, with more than 90% of all grades at A*-C and 80% of the 137-strong year group achieving A or A* grades.

Humanities subjects were particularly successful, with over half of English Literature students achieving A*-A grades and similar successes in History, Geography and Religious Studies, while over two-thirds of Bede's Art students also achieved A*-A grades.

Bede's STEM departments also saw strong results with 36% of Maths grades and 41% of Additional and Triple Science grades at A*-A.    

With one in 5 of all grades at A* and 15% of Bede's pupils achieving more than 7 A or A* grades, particularly successful individuals included Jack Kirk, Ana Entwisle and Max Hunter who all earned 9 A*-A grades and Alina Wiltshire, Eliza Hackett and Talisker Cornford who all earned 8 A*-As. 

Bede's Headmaster Dr Richard Maloney said of the results, "I am very proud of the effort and hard work put in by Bede's pupils and their teachers to produce such strong GCSE results. Our pupils fully deserve their success having given so much to the School throughout the year." 

Also highly successful were many of Bede's County, Regional and National sportspeople who spend 20 hours a week training at Bede's Sports Academies in addition to their academic studies; Sussex Academy cricketer Joe Billings achieved 6A*s, AEGON National tennis player Alex Abaza achieved 7 A*-Bs and Mansfield Town FC footballer Teddy Bloor put in a very strong GCSE performance. 

Bede's Academic Deputy Head John Tuson said, "In an increasingly complicated educational landscape, with change taking place all around us, we are extremely proud that so many Bede's pupils have achieved the GCSEs they need to go on to the world's best Universities. Secondary education is a long game, and this Year 11 cohort are playing it extraordinarily well."

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