Dorter: Club Tropicana Party Welcomes New Boarders


Dorter is a House based very much around the idea of family, and our club Tropicana Party exemplified this idea.

To prepare for the party, the girls worked as a team to hang bunting and blow up balloons for display around the House, setting up games and a refreshments table in the garden outside.


Next, my team and I made a series of short speeches about the Bede’s boarding community and about Dorter’s philosophy in particular. The stage was then set for a shindig!

We hit 'play' on the stereo and as soon as the music began everyone was outside. House Prefect Emily started a game of Dance and Freeze, which is like musical chairs with no need for furniture, which was followed by games of Splat and Limbo.


All participants seemed to thoroughly enjoy themselves, with everyone getting along like old friends; about half an hour into the party Holroyd Howe, the School’s caterers, then brought down hot-dogs, burgers and a vast array of salads from the school kitchens to fuel the ongoing merrymaking.

As the boarders mingled with one another and House staff and tutors joined in with the games, all wearing suitably-themed costumes, the Dorter family then embarked on a side-splitting game of Limbo.

Needless to say, I didn’t win...


As the day wore on and the music played, everyone danced together as a House – even the matrons joined in! Then, as the evening drew in, the girls of Dorter grabbed their duvets and snuggled together on the sofas to watched X Factor and then a movie.

What better way could there be to say welcome to the family?


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