MFL: Celebrating The European Day of Languages


The Bede’s MFL department hosted a Languages Fair in the Recital Room today to celebrate the European Day of Languages.

Established by the Council of Europe in 2001, the European Year of Languages, the aims of the day are threefold: to alert the public to the importance of language learning, to promote the linguistic and cultural diversity of Europe and to encourage lifelong language learning in and out of school.


To do their part, Bede’s various MFL teachers each hosted a table to celebrate their particular language, with a number of French word games being played on the French department’s table, Spanish omelettes and trivia being given out on Ms Lopez’s Spanish table and Italian culture discussed on a pupil-led Italian table.

Elsewhere, Head of German Mr Rohmer hosted series of app-based German games for sugary prizes and outside in the Park, not to be left out, Bede’s Mandarin and Japanese departments hosted Hanzi and Kanji writing sessions.


Architect of the day and Bede’s new Languages Assistant Ms Bonheur oversaw the highlight of the event – a European Languages Quiz – before explaining her personal passion for the event.

“There are 23 official languages in the European Union and the whole department is keen to see Bede’s pupils learn as many of them as possible,” she explained.

“We of course are also keen to promote cultural tolerance and familiarity, but more than anything is important for pupils at Bede’s to realise that businesses really value people who speak more than two languages. You might even say the more languages you know, the brighter your future!”


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