Physics: Convection, Conduction and The New First Year Curriculum


The First Year students that started at Bede's this September are now getting thoroughly stuck into the invigorating new First Year curriculum.

In the Physics department, we our new syllabus is all about creating world-beating scientists that are capable of studying at the top universities in the country and working at the forefront of scientific endeavour.

Those are lofty goals, and Rome was not built in a day; the students must first master the basics, but that does not mean we cannot embrace big ideas even so early in the year.

This week, for example, the First Years have been investigating heat transfer via conduction and convection.

The simple yet interesting experiment shown in the photograph was undertaken to help the students get a grasp for conduction and delocalised electrons.


On the same day I also supported the Upper Sixth students develop their understanding of the basics of thermodynamics, and I cannot help but reflect on the journey that the First Years have embarked upon. 

Five years from now they will continue to question and contemplate the same foundational principles of the universe they have been studying with me, but will have developed an armoury of new skills that will increase the sophistication of their understanding.


It is a privilege to help guide and support the students on this journey - and I very much look forward to hearing more of their brilliant questions!


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