Knights: House Ethos Shines in Year's First House Competitions


A glorious afternoon early in the term saw Knights House demonstrate their ethos of team work, camaraderie and empathy with style and aplomb.

The teams were divided across the year groups and were expertly guided and managed by us the House Prefects. We were quick to recognise the strengths of individual team members and everyone was given a chance to demonstrate their personal abilities.

We saw the ultimate aim of the day as being to build House spirit while enabling to meet new pupils across the age groups. These objectives were exceeded, happily, with Knights boy Mark Sattin declaring the afternoon "the best set of House Competitions I have ever taken part in."


An olfactory Olympian!

Artists Alistair McNally and Leo Maher drew quickly and with ingenuity in the Pictionary Competition, Dramatists Ben Webster and Matthew Jebb flourished in the charades and culinary maestros Felix Godwin, Henry T Hughes and Marcus Hendry, with help from their teammates, blind-tasted and smelt their way to victory in the Tastemakers Competition.

Elsewhere, our mathematicians nailed the Sudoku Competition care of the numerical proficiency of Jack Kirk and Henry Writer and those of a sporting inclination earned Knights 2nd place in House Golf and a healthy 3rd place in the 'Grab The Bib' Competition.


Mr Mpandawana and I agreed with the rest of the Knights House tutoring team that the boys should feel tremendously proud. Each member of the House gave of their best and was supportive of those around them, and as a result we finished only a few points behind the winners (and cohort to beat) in Dicker House.

Well done to everyone in Knights for really going to extra mile; I am now looking very much forward to this year's House Music Competition and will be hoping - understandably - that our House ethos will see boys distinguish themselves once again.


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