Senior Production: Into The Woods Rehearsals Begin!


With only one week of rehearsals under their belts, it feels as if the Into the Woods production team has already energised the whole Bede’s community!

The exceptionally talented cast, assembled last June, have already slid into their roles and are busy personifying a dizzying array of popular fairytale characters - but the excitement stretches far beyond rehearsals.


The buzz is circulating throughout the school, which is no bad thing considering that opening night on February 4 is approaching at breakneck speed, and Deputy Director of Music Mr Scarmadella has been duly tinkering with the orchestral pieces in the Music department, perfecting every last note.


In the Design and Technology department, Mr Potter and Mr McDonnell are hard at work on set pieces and props while in the Art School pupils and teachers are creating exciting, original art pieces and designing posters, costumes and much more besides.


Hannah Roberts, who is playing The Witch, said of the first week of rehearsals, “As soon as we got to the rehearsal space, the whole cast seemed to gel. I feel so excited to be working with a group of such enthusiastic people.”

With the entire Bede’s community coming together behind the show, giving it a sense of authenticity and originality, I speak for the whole team in saying that we are all very proud of what Into the Woods looks like even at this point.


Our hope is that the production will develop into a truly historic moment for Bede's and I look forward enormously to reporting on the next stages of pre-production!


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