Camberlot: Mr Jones’ 10K Swim Raises £1,400 for Rocking Horse


For the third year running the boys of Camberlot have chosen Brighton-based children’s hospice Rocking Horse as our House Charity, with the House Charity Committee determining that our aim for the year was to raise £4,500.

We came to this figure as the sum will enable Rocking Horse to purchase two Christmas trees, 500 Christmas presents and a range of multi-sensory equipment to support the work of the charity’s Play Specialists.

In response to our proposals, our Housemaster, Mr Jones, has set the standard for the year by taking part in his first-ever long distance, open water swim – a ten kilometer event which would see him travel down the River Dart on the first weekend of term.

Mr Jones set a personal target of single-handedly raising £500 with his swim, laying down an achievable goal for the rest of the House to aim to beat by Christmas.

Many months of training went into Mr Jones’ endeavor, and after plenty of practice he set himself the goal of completing the ’Dart 10K’, which started in Totnes and ended in Dittisham, in less than 4 hours.


Mr Jones and his friend Wayne at the finish line.

On the day, Mr Jones was understandably pleased to cross the finish line after only 2 hours and 22 minutes, no doubt hastened by the cold; the inclement weather meant that he was swimming in temperatures of only 12 degrees!

He said of the experience, “When I jumped in at the start I was really gasping for air due to the cold – it was a little bracing to say the least!”

It later transpired that Mr Jones had finished in 117th place from a pool of 460 people, which is a fantastic achievement. Furthermore, his madcap efforts have so far raised over £1,400, which has inspired the Camberlot House Prefects to register to take part in their own open water 5 kilometer swim in April.


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