Bede’s Prefects: School Prefects Meet, Train and Set Agendas


On Saturday 5th September this year’s group of twenty-five school prefects gathered at Bede’s for a morning of training and discussion in how best to perform their duties.

The school prefects perform a vital role within the school, acting as the link between the student body and the senior management, and it was this what Headmaster Dr Maloney emphasised in his opening address to us.

From there we proceeded on to a short question-and-answer session shared by Bede's Principal Deputy Head Mr Lewis with Ed Cudlipp and James Coyle, two former School Prefects and last-year’s Heads of Dicker and Knights Houses.


James, Ed and Mr Lewis speaking to the new Prefect Team.

We learned a great deal from them about the difficulties and responsibilities of being a School Prefect, but also of the immense privilege of it and the great opportunity we had been afforded.

From there the training moved to a briefing by Mr Lewis on our duty safeguarding the pupils within the school. This was a very important part of the training, as we learnt a great deal about how to make sure that students are as safe as possible, especially given the new dangers surrounding the internet and the risks it can entail.


From there the morning turned to more upbeat matters as we were left by the staff to develop our plan for the year.

We focused on four key pillars around which to base our manifesto – Community, Opportunity, Student Voice and Events.

We had many strong ideas about what to do, all of which we hope to crystallise in the coming days into a strong plan for how to improve the school.


New Prefect Harvey Cole leading a session on Events.

The day was a great success as not only did we learn much about our duties as Prefects but we also got to know each other a lot better and, in the process, became a closer and stronger team.

This should be a great year for the School Prefects!


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