UKSDC: Ben Seeks Budding Space Scientists


This academic year will present many challenges for every Bedian to overcome and many new opportunities for us to reach out and grasp.

One of those opportunities is taking part in the 2016 UK Space Design Competition.

You may have head of the success Bede's inaugural team enjoyed last year, with the school coming tantalisingly close to victory. Now it is time for our team to pass on the baton to the current Lower Sixth in the hopes that they can build on last year's experiences and emerge triumphant before representing our school, and our country, in the world final.


Ben presenting at the National finals last year.

There are a variety of reasons why you should consider joining the team, which is going to be run through the UK Space Science Competition activity, every Monday year-round.

Apart from being an excellent addition to your CV and personal statements, this competition will give you an experience similar to what you will encounter in real-world industry. Working as a team, operating under the pressure of deadlines, following a strict industrial brief, all are skills that you will learn as part of one of the two teams.

You can carry these skills with you through the Sixth Form, University and beyond, giving you the competitive edge required in modern industry.

It is experiences like these that make you stand out as an individual.

It cannot be emphasised more that this is an incredibly fun and enjoyable competition, with plenty of good memories to be made while under the pressure of a time limit, even at 2:00 in the morning, working away in a youth hostel common room, desperate to perfect an idea!


Last year's team at work...

Every member of the Bede’s Team requires ingenuity, dedication, adaptability and an exceptional work ethic. You will be managing yourselves, with minimal outside intervention, and working with peers as an engineering team and a company.

You may be thinking that this is an opportunity purely for the scientists and mathematicians of the school but that could not be further from the truth. Every skill and attribute is valuable to a team. Artists, public speakers, media experts and computer scientists - we need you all.

In particular, one thing the team learned last year was that our team lacked people capable of creating exceptional media and presentations. Our company had just one media designer, our own Haris Duratovic, and everyone was in agreement that this year we need to build on this area, as the presentation is what will sell victory to the judges.


If you think you have the will and aptitude to take part, there will be a place for you, regardless of subject choices!

For the official competition, only Lower Sixth may compete. However, that should not deter younger members of the school to sign up. Fifth Formers may come and participate in the activity, be part of discussions and exercises and get a taste of the competition, ready to compete and lead in the coming years.

Whether you are working on the Video Team or fighting in the Regional Heats, you will be working towards something very worthwhile and developing vital skills for the future – with a trip to Florida possibly involved if you move into the international finals!

Joining us will be provide you with experiences never to be forgotten, so we look forward to seeing as many Bedians as possible during activity-time on Mondays!


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