Dorms: Year Begins With Fifth Annual Wilmington Walk


Dorms struck it lucky again with a glorious day of sunshine gracing our fifth annual whole-House-hike up to the Long Man of Wilmington.

The Long Man, a cliff carving whose origin is thought to be somewhere between the iron age and the sixteenth century, towered above us at 72 meters tall as we arrived. The boys were not put off and set off to conquer it at a cracking pace, leaving us teachers struggling to keep up!


The steep ascent was achieved in record time despite some boys carrying the knocks and bruises from their first sporting encounters of the year.

At the summit, there was a moment of quiet as the boys stopped to look at where they had climbed from. For some, this was their first real opportunity to take in the beauty of the Downs and the English countryside that surrounds Bede's.


The boys strained their eyes to spot the school, which was just visible in the hazy blue distance, before proceeding to demolish a delicious picnic before walking a bit further to take in the view from the other side of the Downs, of the sea in the distance.

The way down was speedier with many boys opting to roll rather than walk, and soon we were in the quintessentially English village of Alfriston where Dorms boys depleted the stocks of ice cream before playing Football with some local teens on the village green next to the 14th century parish church. They seem to find a way of playing wherever they are!


Housemaster Mr Juniper leading the pack.

Whilst others went off to view a local photography exhibition, the teachers retired to a tearoom to get their cream tea quota for the day.

Upon our return I was amazed to see some of our boys trotting off to the Sports Complex for another game of Football, seemingly undaunted by the day's exertions!


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