Business Studies: BTEC Students Attend Thorpe Park Workshops


Last week saw the Bede’s BTEC Business program undertake another successful field trip – this time to Thorpe Park in Chertsey, Surrey.

The 55 Bede’s students taking BTEC Business Studies this year were at the park to attend a series of educational talks on Thorpe Park as a business, learning about not only its day-to-day operations but also the park’s approach to marketing and its finances.


The day began with a tour around the Park and the ‘Shark’ hotel before sitting down in the ‘Thrills Workshop’ for an afternoon learning the secrets and complexities of running one of the UK's major attractions.

The students gathered information on what goes on behind the scenes, the trials and tribulations of becoming a Public Limited Company, the ups and downs of operating a business with a turnover in excess of £48 million and learning how the Park continually innovates and strives to improve.


The students were impeccably behaved and thoroughly enjoyed being able to find out what goes on behind the scenes but, predictably, were disappointed that they could not stay longer!

On behalf of the Business Faculty at Bede's I would of course like to thank Thorpe Park for being such brilliant hosts - we will be back again next year, without a shadow of a doubt!


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