Crossways: What Are Weekends Like For Boarders?


I’m often asked what my girls do at the weekend when there’s no lessons to occupy them.

After Morning Activities are over, the girls head over for lunch and then many go off to Eastbourne or Hailsham shopping.  This affords them some welcome time out of school, and whilst some love their retail therapy, others prefer to go to the beach and get some fresh air. 


For those who stay behind, relaxation is key. 

With the Rugby World Cup ongoing, several girls have been opting to chill out and enjoy the matches on TV and eat ice-cream. Others play table football or do their prep, and some enjoyed some time together the last Saturday sewing skirts and a bag.

Three girls also took Poppy out for a walk and were hugely entertained by her antics with a football (it is almost as big as her!).


Each Saturday evening we have our suppers delivered to the House and we join up with the boys of Stud next door to eat together. As you might expect, the noise levels rise dramatically during this time!

Recently, for example, the tension of the South Africa v Japan match had scores of students glued to the screen, cheering on the underdogs (they must have heard us along the road at the Amex!). 

Elsewhere, some are normally found to be playing fiercely contested rounds of board games while others sit together watch films.


Every Sunday, there is a trip out of school arranged. These include shopping trips to Brighton or Tunbridge Wells, Dim Sum trips to China Town, and – the favourite trip of all – Thorpe Park. 

We were blessed with good weather for our recent Thorpe Park trip with 17 Crossways girls leaving at 9.00am with tummies full of delicious bacon butties. The rest of the girls enjoyed a lovely lie-in, a relaxed breakfast in House and the rest of the day to complete prep, sunbathe, visit the village shop, go for a walk, the gym or to simply chill out in their rooms.


Ultimately, weekends in House are perfect; freed from the rigours of lessons, the time the boarders spend together allows girls and boys of all ages to strengthen relationships and relax like any other teenager!


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