Camberlot: A Typical Boarders’ Saturday


Saturdays in boarding houses are always boring, aren’t they? Well no - not at Bede's!

In Camberlot House, our Saturdays always start off with a wake up from one of the Prefects, who cheerily bangs on our doors. After a fast roll call, we all enjoy a fantastically good breakfast, one of the best in the week, with chocolate croissants, sausages, eggs and so on.

Next, 2 hours of Saturday Activities follow which for many recently involved Printing on Clay with Mr Hammond, Art Mock Exams with Mr Turner and – for those who opted in – a little bit of Mountain Biking with Mr Jackson!


After Saturday Activities, many boarders depart on trips or sporting events and usually on a Saturday afternoon native-Italian Nicolo will take over the Camberlot kitchen and spontaneously cook for the members of the House who have chosen to stay in school.

Each week Niccolo, who is training as part of the professional Leith’s Cookery Course, lays out plates of ravioli, cannelloni and other wonders from his mother’s Italian cook book and everyone, including House Staff, tuck in!


Noah, our Housemaster’s 5 year old son, is normally barrelling about somewhere and typically, within about 10 minutes of him appearing, there will be an impromptu game of Rugby being played by English, Russian, Spanish, German and French boys – it’s always entertaining!

Across the afternoon the boys will all return to the House and get ready for the evening’s entertainments; the weekend before last, for example, everybody was preparing for the big match in the afternoon; “El Clasico.”

Bets were made, people were dressed up in Barca and Real Madrid jumpers, scarves and jerseys and the tension-levels were high!

In that particular game, Barcelona scored 3 goals and the piqued Mr Jones walked off, realising he has lost the bet and was down a significant amount of chocolate...

Mr Jones’ escape was more than just in flight from the torture experienced by every other Barcelona fan, of course; he went to supervise the tables being set up and plates laid out in the area between Cambo and Dorter in preparation for a delicious Chinese meal.

While Barca scored goal after goal, all the boarding houses from across Bede’s came down to our end of the School to enjoy a fantastic dinner with a range of Chinese appetizers and delights, including BBQ sauce-pickled ribs and delectable blueberry muffins to finish!

With full stomachs, we then sat down on the sofas and enjoyed chatting with each other before we tucked into a film. Mr Jones has eclectic taste in movies, and we’ve had to sit through some legendarily bad films such as Sharknado or Supershark over the years.


To our surprise, last weeks’ feature was the very recent and well-rated Marvel blockbuster Ant-Man, so we all moved the sofas together, distributed the crisps, chocolate and sweets which had been bought and started the film.

All year groups were sitting together, gripped to the screen, laughing and joking, and we enjoyed our time together as the evening darkened.

We let the evening end in a relaxed way and found ourselves looking forward to Sunday, and with it the promise of an even better breakfast and more surprises from Mr. Jones.

After all, by that point the weekend was only halfway through!


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