Chemistry: Aspiring Medics Complete UKCAT Exams

UKCAT Chemists

Bede’s aspiring Upper Sixth medics (Milly Pamment, Joseph Berhane and Chloe Durrant) all worked very hard last half term to secure interviews at their chosen universities - including by passing their UKCAT exams.

Whilst many of the Upper Sixth pupils are working on their personal statements, the deadline for medical applications is far earlier.

Many congratulations to all of them for completing the UKCAT examination, a test required by many leading universities to judge a wide range of transferable skills, with the test covering not only the expected high level knowledge of the sciences and mathematics but all skills of reasoning and ethical response based questions.


The examination itself is taken externally and is computer based, allowing for
immediate feedback, and we are both thrilled with the results the three obtained and very impressed with their dedication to studying such a demanding course.

All three have further demonstrated their commitment by partaking in a range of relevant, challenging work experience over a prolonged period of time. This has included several stints at General Practioner surgeries, particularly emotionally demanding work at hospices, volunteering at care homes and, of course, a range of intensive hospital work.


We are very proud of all of their efforts so far and I speak for the whole Science faculty when I say that we are 100% behind the intrepid trio!


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