Geography: Fifth Form Students Study Storms and Migration


From the inaugural naming of storms in the UK to the refugee and migrant crisis across Europe, Geography is never far from the news – indeed, Geography lessons in the Fifth Form have never been more current!   

The Lower Fifth have been studying Population, part of which has seen classes exploring the reasons for and impacts of migration.

With immigration being a hot topic in this year’s General Election, the refugee crisis featuring in the papers every day and the recent Paris Bombings super-charging debates about the movement of people, the Geography faculty has been making sure to have a spoon full of sugar on hand to help the medicine go down – quite literally in some cases!


Indeed, one of the fun ways students have been learning about immigration is through a Jelly Baby Population Simulator - an interactive and engaging game that uses jelly babies to simulate and experiment with migration scenarios. 

Somehow, the jelly baby population appeared devastated by the end of these lessons, which proved to be a truly delicious tragedy.


The Upper Fifth have meanwhile been completing their coursework, which has involved investigating the erosion of the coastline along Birling Gap and Pevensey Bay. 

With the increasing frequency and strength of storms such as Abigail, the rates of erosion will only rise on the coastlines and around the rivers near Bede’s.

Our students were investigating why this is the case and considering what can be done in the future to prevent it.


All in all it has been a very busy few weeks for the department, and we are exceptionally happy to see so many aspiring Geographers talking about taking the course on into the Sixth Form.

Indeed, with Geography now considered to be one of the facilitating subjects that top universities encourage students to study, plus some truly creative teaching, it's hard to imagine what more Bede's Geographers could want.

Apart, of course, from a sudden explosion in the jelly baby population...


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