Outdoor Pursuits: Francesca and Max report from First Year Trip


The First Year Outdoor pursuit is a long-running Bede's tradition. Learn more about it here.


We started off our exhilarating week with a long (and tedious) coach journey, but once when we arrived our adventure began in a truly exciting way.

After a delicious dinner we went on a Night Hike during which we scaled Kinder Scout. As the skies darkened and were able to admire the amazingly full natural blanket of stars. It was breath-taking.

The next day, we started with canoeing on a nearby reservoir. There was a lot of hilarity because most of the group were soaked through by the end after competing in some great games on the water.

We had Bush Craft in the afternoon, where we built shelters with only natural materials. This was followed by constructing our own camp fires, where we were able to boil water to make delicious hot chocolate and toast giant marshmallows.


The evening activity was abseiling and this was enjoyed by all (even those with vertigo!). We descended from a 60 feet high Roman

Viaduct in the dark, to be greeted at the bottom by Mr Walker’s beaming smile.

Wednesday was soon upon us and we were duly whisked off to start Orienteering on the slopes of the Kinder Scout. This we thought would be a relaxing task - how wrong we were! It was a race against time to find the clues on posts indicated on a map.  The girls came out on top, much to the group’s amazement.

Next was Caving and it was, for many of us, our first time experiencing true darkness - a truly eerie feeling because we are so used to always having a light source somewhere.  Unbelievably, many of us also managed to squeeze through a tiny side tunnel - even Mr Muirhead, the group leader.


As we write we are already more than half way through the week and are still excited to complete the forthcoming challenges that the hostel staff have in store for us, including another Night Hike back up to the very top of Kinder Scout to look for the remains of an RAF plane which had crashed during World War Two.

We also have another full day of activities including Weasling, a High Ropes Obstacle Course and the intriguing Problem Solving Challenge, all of which we are very much looking forward.


This whole week will be vividly remembered throughout my school career and beyond. We now can’t wait to see what other wonderful trips Bede’s will offer us. We will both be the first people to sign up!


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