Programming Club: Sixth Form Students Attack The Cyber Challenge


Four Upper Sixth Computing students recently took part in the first round of the Cyber Centurion Security Challenge.

This innovative competition has been designed to inspire future professionals towards careers in cyber security and is a chance for anyone interested in the world of cyber security to get their first real experience of the scenarios and challenges that professionals have to face on a daily basis.

The competition consists of three rounds and is played in teams. The students that took part in the first round were Aidan Kerr, Haris Duratovic, Jack Rickard and Nazar Kravtsov.


These rounds involve downloading a virtual computer full of vulnerabilities that could present opportunities for a cyber-criminal. The teams have a window of approximately six hours to identify and fix these vulnerabilities, patch their systems and keep them running successfully.

The game runs in real-time so that judging can be based both on the number of vulnerabilities identified and fixed and the time taken to complete the task, teams also have access to the scoreboard via a Web-Ex live chat.

The Bede's team was in first and second place up to the point when the buses were leaving, but due to our early departure from the event we finished 8th overall - well placed enough to go into the next two rounds!


Managed in the UK by the National Museum of Computing, the competition is sponsored by UK and US security agencies.

The second round takes place on December 4th so be sure to wish the team good luck for the next round!


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