Chemistry: First Years React To New Curriculum

First Year Chemistry

Our First Years are making excellent headway in the brand new GCSE from AQA for which they will be amongst the first to be examined in the summer of 2017.

Aside from being an excellent course, this new GCSE is a foundational element of Bede’s new First Year Curriculum – as is the rest of AQA's flexible suite of Science exams, which offer teachers a variety of combinations to help students achieve to the best results for their level of ability and interest in science.


The new course also counts towards the Science component of the English Baccalaureate (Ebacc) – provided students achieve A* to C grades in at least two science GCSEs (including Chemistry, BiologyPhysics and Computer Science).

After last year’s First Year Curriculum Review it was decided that all of Bede’s First Year pupils would study all three classical sciences with three different specialist teachers for three full years moving forward, with the children opting whether they want to pursue a Single, Double or Triple Award along the way.


This is therefore the first time Bede’s First Years have studied GCSE work and, as we delve deeper into Unit 1 of the course, it’s fantastic to see that they are getting along so well.

The class pictured at the top of this article (Science 9E) are presently learning about the reactivities of different metals and the everyday uses of metals, from their uses in the construction industry to the explosive properties of fireworks, before they move onto studying crude oil and its uses next term.


With the Bede’s Chemistry department passionate about enabling every child to explain what makes up the world around us, the physical world of substances and the processes, reactions and treatments that can change them, we’re obviously extremely happy to see the current First Year enjoying the course so much.

Long may their positive reactions continue!


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