Knights: Mr Parker Reports From House Formal Dinner


The theme of this term’s Knights House Formal Dinner on was of ‘new beginnings.’

This is my ninth year as a tutor in Knights House and this was my ninth formal dinner, yet still there felt something ‘new’ about the evening. Knights feels new to me thanks to the ability of its students and staff to embrace and build on the best of the House’s past.

This was typified by the speech Bertie Cook gave during evensong in the Chapel.


Bertie, Henry and Harvey.

Bertie, Head of School, and a Knights boy through and through, gave a very personal speech in which he spoke about the way in which his past experiences in the House had shaped him as he now thinks about his own new beginning in his post-Bede’s life.

Evensong was followed by a champagne reception in the Recital Room. This was a new innovation to the evening and a thank you from Mr Waterhouse to the prefects for their outstanding work in the House this year.


The Knights House Prefects.


They have epitomised and helped forge a clear identity in the house, an identity built around the Knight’s chivalric code to make a choice and ‘to do the right things, for the right reasons, at the right times’.

Doctor Carroll was the guest speaker for the evening. As the former Housemaster of Knights it was entirely fitting that ‘Doc’ was invited by Mr. Waterhouse to speak to the boys after their dinner about the nature of new beginnings.


Doc receives a bouquet in thanks for his speech.

Many of the boys had spent a number of years under Doc’s inspirational leadership in Knights, and Doc emphasised that their decisions and actions in the past and present very much shape the future.

Knights’ Head of House, Henry Vine, closed the evening with his insightful remarks about his own experiences of Knight’s House. It was an excellent end to a genuinely enjoyable evening.


Head of House Henry commands the room.

For me, this was a suitable celebration of the past but with the emphasis on the possibilities of the future. From the speakers through to the menu, it was an evening of making the right choices.


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